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Beauty at MADRES is more than just aesthetics—it's an empowering voyage towards self-assurance, economic independence, and mastery of cosmetic artistry. Dive deep into the transformative world of beauty with our hands-on makeup class, where participants explore not just the art of enhancing natural features, but also the vital foundation of skin care.

Witness the magic of expert-led demonstrations, immersing students in topics ranging from face shapes and skin tones to contemporary cosmetic trends and color theory. Our curriculum equips students with versatile techniques, allowing them to craft daily elegant looks and prepare for grand occasions with equal finesse. They'll master an array of makeup essentials, ensuring they're adept at creating any desired effect, from the subtle to the spectacular.

But it's not just about beauty on the surface. After two years of dedication in our course, participants emerge as professional Makeup Artists (MUA), unlocking lucrative avenues—from private events to influential social media platforms. This course is more than a skill—it's a catalyst for change, fostering economic resilience and self-reliance in our community.

Whether you're driven by personal passion or professional aspirations, MADRES' makeup course offers a dynamic environment where beauty and economic empowerment converge. Join us in championing this transformative journey, turning passion into potential and fostering the economic resilience of our community.