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Paz Financiera I & II - Financial Peace I & II

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Financial Peace (Paz Financiera)

At Madres, we recognize the pivotal role of financial literacy in uplifting and fortifying our community, especially given the challenges highlighted by the 2020 census for the residents of Casino Rd, Everett, WA. To meet this need head-on, we proudly present "Paz Financiera" —a beacon of empowerment and self-reliance.

This program offers nine transformative lessons aimed at guiding participants from the basics of budgeting to the nuances of wealth-building and generosity:

1. Baby Step 1 & Budgeting: Empower yourself with the tools to craft a resilient budget and lay the foundation for your financial journey with a starter emergency fund.

2. Baby Step 2: Unmask the limitations of debt and strategize your path to freedom with the 'debt snowball' approach.

3. Baby Step 3: Fortify your financial defenses by cultivating a fully-funded emergency reserve.

4. Baby Steps 4, 5, 6 & 7: Witness the fruits of your diligence as you delve into wealth-building, benevolent giving, and crafting a legacy.

5. Wise Spending: Hone your consumer prowess by outwitting common marketing ploys and maintaining control over your expenses.

6. Understanding Insurance: Navigate the world of insurance with clarity, pinpointing the crucial types and sidestepping potential pitfalls.

7. Building Wealth: Embark on a confident journey towards prosperous investment and a dignified retirement.

8. Buying & Selling your Home: Transform your home into a haven, mastering the intricacies of renting, selling, buying, and refinancing.

9. Outrageous Generosity: Revel in the joy of giving, the ultimate testament to achieving financial peace.

At Madres, our commitment goes beyond individual growth. Through Paz Financiera, we aim to weave a tapestry of economic resilience, where each thread—each community member—contributes to a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

       Paz Financiera II

At Madres, understanding the ever-evolving complexities of the financial landscape is paramount, especially when addressing the multifaceted needs of the Spanish-speaking community. Building upon the foundations of Paz Financiera I, we are thrilled to introduce "Paz Financiera II"—a masterclass in advanced financial strategies for our diligent participants.

Delve deeper into the financial realm with these six insightful lessons:

1. Buyer Beware: Navigate the intricate world of major expenditures without succumbing to financial pitfalls. Become savvy against the subtle lures of marketing, promotions, and publicity.

2. The Role of Insurance: Illuminate the essence of insurance, a crucial safeguard against unforeseen losses. Distinguish among various insurance types and handpick the ones that resonate with your personal needs.

3. Invest for the Future: Transcend traditional savings by exploring the dynamic world of investments. Equip yourself with the knowledge to discern among investment avenues and align them with your aspirations.

4. Retirement and College Planning: Embark on a dual mission—ensuring a serene retirement for yourself and fostering educational opportunities for your children. Learn about diversified retirement vessels and pragmatic college savings plans.

5. Real Estate and Mortgages: Step confidently into the realm of homeownership. Grasp the nuances of various mortgage types and streamline your path to securing the best fit.

6. Work in Your Strengths: Ignite your career trajectory by pinpointing vocations that align with your passions and strengths. Discover the art of monetizing your innate talents while achieving personal fulfillment.

Guided by the expertise of Andres Gutierrez, a luminary in financial education, Paz Financiera II is not just a program—it's a promise to our community. A promise of enhanced financial prowess, sustained growth, and an unyielding commitment to prosperity.

Benefits of Paz Financiera II:

- Acquire advanced skills for effective money management.

- Forge a vision for a secure and abundant future.

- Arm yourself against potential financial adversities.

- Harness the power of informed investment decisions.

- Realize the dream of absolute financial liberation.


At Madres, our quest to uplift continues. With Paz Financiera II, we envision a community where every individual, equipped with advanced financial knowledge, contributes to a collective dream—a dream of financial independence and collective prosperity.