At MADRES, we passionately embrace the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality education. We recognize the role of education as a fundamental building block for personal and community empowerment, self-sustainability, and growth. We are dedic

Plaza Comunitaria

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In the heart of our community, the Plaza Comunitaria stands as a beacon of empowerment and progress. This isn't just any educational center; it's a transformative space where adults rediscover the power of knowledge. Proudly backed by the renowned Instituto Nacional de Educación para Adultos (INEA) and the Consulate of Mexico in Seattle, MADRES has been entrusted to champion this initiative in Snohomish County.

Beyond basic literacy and numeracy, the Plaza Comunitaria equips its learners with essential life skills, fostering a vibrant community of informed, engaged, and employable individuals. From mastering the Spanish language to navigating the complexities of daily life, our courses are meticulously designed to bridge gaps and unlock potential.

The doors of Plaza Comunitaria are open to everyone, welcoming eager minds from all walks of life. And in our commitment to breaking barriers, we've made sure there's zero financial burden to join. Because at MADRES, we believe that education is a right, not a privilege.