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Breaking Educational Barriers: MADRES' Evening English Course in Partnership with Everett Community College

In the bustling landscape of Snohomish County, a diverse community thrives, each individual carrying unique dreams and ambitions. Yet, a crucial gap in the educational fabric has been the lack of accessible English language courses during the evening hours. MADRES, in an innovative collaboration with Everett Community College, is bridging this gap through a specially designed foundational English course, tailored to meet the needs of non-native speakers.

A Unique Opportunity Under the Stars

Hosted every week from the convenient hours of 6:30 to 8:30 pm, this course is a beacon of hope for many. It's meticulously crafted to enhance key language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This comprehensive approach not only equips our students for academic success in college but also polishes their skills for real-world employment scenarios.

By the end of this transformative journey, our students emerge with more than just language proficiency. They gain the ability to confidently comprehend grade-level texts, articulate their thoughts across diverse contexts, and compose coherent, thoughtful write-ups. This empowerment goes beyond the classroom – it's a tool for life.

Financial Accessibility: Education as a Right, Not a Privilege

At MADRES, we strongly believe in the democratization of education. Hence, we've ensured this course comes at no financial strain to the participants. This initiative stands as a testament to our belief that education is a fundamental right, accessible to all, irrespective of their financial background.

More Than Just a Class – A Gateway to Community College Identity

A pivotal aspect of our program is the integration of our students into the larger educational ecosystem of Everett Community College. We have taken proactive steps to ensure our students receive their Everett Community College Student IDs. Some were accompanied to obtain them, while others visited the Department of Student Life independently. This is more than a symbolic gesture; it's a critical step in helping our students see themselves as an integral part of the community college system. It's about fostering a sense of belonging, identity, and pride in their academic journey.

This course is not just an educational program; it's a lifeline to those who have been waiting for such an opportunity to arise. It's a commitment from MADRES and Everett Community College to nurture, support, and empower through the power of language.