Maribel: Stitching Dreams into Reality

Maribel: Stitching Dreams into Reality

Program: Sewing

October 10, 2023

In the bustling life of Maribel, a working mother, the dreams she held close to her heart seemed distant, almost unreachable. The weight of her daily responsibilities threatened to bury her aspirations—until the universe whispered an opportunity into her ears. As Jaime Mendez's voice filled her living room, mentioning a sewing class at MADRES, Maribel felt destiny nudging her forward. A fervent lover of animals and an enthusiast of sewing, she envisioned a unique fusion: crafting designer clothes for dogs.


Although she resided in Mount Vernon, miles away from Everett where the classes were held, Maribel's determination was unyielding. Distance became just another hurdle she was ready to leap over in her pursuit of dreams. Without hesitation, she sought out MADRES on Facebook. Her heartbeat echoed the rhythm of hope and anticipation as she found the sewing class scheduled every Wednesday at 6 pm. It wasn’t merely a class for her—it was the door to her dream enterprise.


Maribel's journey began with a simple, yet profound goal: "My purpose is to refine my sewing skills, to wield the machine like a master. Although I've gained a lot, the learning never ceases. Every class is a treasure trove, revealing techniques and tricks that I never knew existed. The joy of crafting a dog vest effortlessly, the thrill of letting my imagination run wild, and the confidence to follow tutorials—all became possible because of MADRES. The charm and expertise of the teacher coupled with the supportive environment is the perfect recipe for growth."


And this is the essence of MADRES’ vocational courses. We don't just teach skills; we light the path to dreams. We believe in the boundless potential of every woman. Our mission isn't just to impart knowledge but to instill confidence, passion, resilience, and above all, love. With every stitch and seam, Maribel embodies the spirit of MADRES—a community where women don't just learn to fly but soar high, chasing the horizons of their dreams.

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